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Featured Artist: Rachel Dory

Rachel Dory is based in Austin, Texas and well known for painting site-specific scenes found along roadside America. Although the locations she paints are often stumbled upon while en route from one location to another, they are thoughtfully chosen as places that will stop you in your tracks and linger in your memory. Dory is mindful of the exact location, noting the longitude and latitude of each site. With each painting, she sets out to awaken a memory within all of us.

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Featured Artist: Cynda Valle

Cynda Valle chronicles human life from her unique perspective in which she finds the most ordinary moments of domestic circumstances and infuses them with undercurrents of surrealism, luminosity and pattern. She then captures these moments on canvas with oil paint, in order to remind the viewer of the fragile poignancy of life.

These paintings are done with a traditional, labor intensive oil glazing and underpainting technique. Focal points within the painting can have up to 40 thin glaze layers, and take several months worth of work in one small area.

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Featured Artist: John Morse

For the first time ever, 5 decades of John Morse's work is featured exclusively at Ao5 Gallery. The collection spans from the oldest surviving collage of Morse's career to his latest large scale works. Ao5 has unveiled works created by Morse that appeared along with his contemporaries Keith Haring and Jean-Michele Basquiat on the streets of New York in the 1980s. To listen to John talk about the works and his journey into collage art, check out our YouTube videos.

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"What did Tina Turner say? Simply the best. You don't need to know anything about art because the staff here does.. and they don't make you feel stupid for not knowing. Excellent selection!"

~ Court Simpson

"Awesome art selection at reasonable prices. Wonderful framing department, executing art gallery level of quality."

~ Miles Braddock

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