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Houston-based artist Trá Slaughter has been an artist for as long as he can remember. Painting, drawing and creating have always been in my blood. He grew up about an hour south of Houston, Texas and moved to the city in 2000 to attend The Art Institute of Houston. He obtained a degree in Graphic Design in 2002. After spending several years in the career field, Slaughter eventually transitioned to working as a full-time artist nearly 10-years ago. His work spans several styles created in numerous mediums, including oil, acrylic, latex, oil sticks, charcoal and just about anything else that can be use to make a mark. His work often explores the outward expression of our inner emotions. Slaughter says: “I see us all as donning a mask, or shield in order to go out and do our battles, to handle our lives. The mask never truly reveals what’s going on “behind the scenes” of our mind and emotions.”

His most recent work stems from the visualization of song lyrics. In these pieces, Slaughter invites the viewer along on the same path experienced by the artist each time he listens to a favorite song, allowing the lyrics themselves to become the main subject of the work.