Gallery of Customer Frame Jobs

Custom Shadow Box Frame

This skate deck, with an original painting by Audrey Kawasaki, looks awesome in its custom built shadow box. Built with CMI Moulding, we used mylar strips to hold it secure on a cotton mat and protect it behind TruVue Glazing museum glass. Need to frame something out of the ordinary? No problem, our creative and professional framers have you covered!

Frame Designs to Enhance

This piece, Firebird by Dr. Seuss, is really striking in this Bella Polar Ice Cap moulding with a white pearlescent sheen, set off by a dark blue burlwood inset moulding by CMI. The silk white fillet gives the final touch of elegance to the entire piece. This is a perfect example of how our expert framers know just how to set off a piece of art with creative framing that enhances rather than overwhelms your art.

Distinguished Frame Design

This wonderful cityscape by Torabi is framed in Fotiou's Artisan collection. The outer moulding is from the Gala series with a modern high gloss black lacquer finish. The inner fillet is from the Jayne Seymour series, a gold leaf distressed ribbed pattern. The art floats on a glossy black mat. All together, this frame design creates a distinguished and classy look.

Oversized Custom Frame

This 7' tall frame job of pop art icon Robert Indiana's work shows the oversized talent of this framing crew. Trust your fine art to Ao5 Gallery with our certified picture framer on staff.

Floating Framed Art

This 3-diminsional art is mounted on a custom built acrylic backing, with an acrylic front. Custom side walls and frame complete the piece to create a floating effect which adds to the intrigue of the veiled face.

Decorative Matting

When the traditional square corner just won't cut it, our frame design team can create a custom look to go with your art. For additional emphasis, layer the matting to add color and depth to set off the art.