Feral 142/250


Artist: Craig Tracy

Type: Limited Edition of 250

Medium: Giclee on Archival Canvas

Size: 28.5 in x 19 in

Craig Tracy was never interested in conventional art. Though he trained for years as an illustrator, it wasn’t until he began experimenting with the ancient art of body-painting that he truly found his artistic medium.

Tracy brings everything from wild animals to fantasy worlds to life in his compositions as he ingeniously blends his meticulously painted bodies with intricately-designed backgrounds. The end result is breathtaking, elevating traditional body-painting into the realm of fine art.

Today, Tracy is one of the world’s best known and loved body-painting artists. His work is displayed in galleries all over the world, and he’s widely recognized as the “body-painting guru” on the popular reality series Skin Wars.

"It is my intent to continue to explore and expand the perceptions and boundaries of this most ancient, alluring and contemporary art form." ~ Craig Tracy

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