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S is for StiltBot #3/26
S is for StiltBot #3/26

The Impossible Winterbourne is an international street artist who tries to ignite the sense of magic & mystery in the world by installing his robotic creations in unexpected places. He is also the author of popular children’s book The AlphaBots, a steampunk-inspired robotic journey through the alphabet, with over 26 color robot illustrations to spark imaginations of all ages.

Impossible Winterbourne creations can be found hidden in plain sight in over 20 states across the US, as well as Mexico, Germany, and the UK. You may see them out around town, in a park, hidden under bridges, or inside a hollow tree. Please do not attempt to remove them from their homes in the wild! If you would like to add one of these unique sculptures to your art collection, Ao5 Gallery carries original Winterbourne boggarts, robots, and more! We have signed copies of The AlphaBots book, as well as limited edition prints of your favorite ‘Bots. Watch our event calendar for occasional popup book readings with this artist.