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John Breiner’s love of the ephemeral surface has kept him painting and illustrating for close to two decades. While the focus of his personal work revolves around the reuse of found items (specifically old paper, books and book jackets), John has also painted large-scale murals, numerous illustrations, and album covers over the years.

Having had access to a printing press early on and throughout school, John created etchings using copper and aluminum plates. He began experimenting with book jackets by running them through the printing press which did not impress the faculty at his school. The results, however, were undeniably true John Breiner creations that continue to be the core of his art to this day.

In 2006 John acquired an archaic Xerox copy machine. With this printing method John would use his original drawings and photographs to make unique copies and, using specialized chemicals, create transfers on his found paper and book jackets. Once the image is on the surface John finishes his art using a myriad of mediums from acrylic pencil to spray paint. (It should be noted that John’s creations cannot be accomplished with contemporary laser ink copy machines.)

John has claimed that often times he will begin his work on a book cover or other found material and not know the title of the book or even the contents. Once he is finished John is often surprised at how the correlation between the found object and artwork has a symbiosis.

John’s work has been exhibited internationally in Turkey, Italy, and China as well as nationally in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Jersey City, Washington D.C, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and finally, Austin, Texas.

After residing in New York City for the last 13 years, John is currently living and working in New York’s Hudson Valley region.