Collection: Cynthia Chartier

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Cynthia Chartier was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She began studying art in the Boston area at the Notre Dame Art School when she was eight years old, continuing her studies during the summer months in Europe. She then studied at the Boston Museum School, the Monserratt School of Visual Art and the Norton Museum School of Art in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Language and symbolism are important aspects of conveying emotion, expression, energy and reflection in her work.

Cynthia Chartier’s work has been exhibited in Dallas, Boston, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, and is part of the permanent collection of the Jesuit Dallas Museum.

Artist Statement

“As an abstract-reflectionist painter, my primary subjects are people. Language and symbolism are used to convey important aspects of energy, emotion, expression and vision that are reflected by people I find engaging.

The paintings I create translate as an abstract expression using prisms of rich vibrant color and sensual curving shapes with acrylic on canvas and symphony sheet music. The idea is to convey the purest essence of spirit experienced directly from the source.

The sheet music is carefully hand-selected, according to the energy expressed by each individual, as there is a direct correlation between people and music. Emotions are like a beautiful language using the various instruments played in the symphony. The energy from the sounds reflection creates prisms of color and imagery which mixes with the emotions of the soul. This is the essence of how I create.”

“Art is the mirror of who we are and what we would like to become.”