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Chris Guarino

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The Root Fairy

From $40.00 - $400.00


From $35.00 - $95.00

The Poison Witch

From $35.00 - $95.00

The Void

From $35.00 - $95.00

The Forest of the Root Fairy

From $55.00 - $125.00

Searching In The Dark

From $35.00 - $55.00

The Wasp

From $55.00 - $95.00

Mollusk in the Mist

From $35.00 - $95.00
Born outside of Chicago, Illinois, Chris grew up as a quiet child that mostly kept to himself. After a near fatal illness robbed him of his ability to speak for 3 months, 8 year old Chris began drawing pictures and building creatures from household objects as a way to communicate. The natural talent was obvious, and years later it led him to London where he worked at a bronze foundry part-time and showed his works on the streets of Camden where he lived. Since moving back to the states in 2005, Chris has perfected his life casting and sculpture techniques. Although both his sculptures and digital artwork lean towards the dark, he finds the process to be a cathartic experience that helps him to work through his frustrations.