Artist: Tori Swanson

Type: Original

Medium: Acrylic on Raw Canvas

Size: 61 in x 63 in

Artist blurb: "It reminds me that riding a horse is very much a metaphor for life. Take a moment to truly notice all the little details of where we may veer off our path or where we forget to look ahead and how quickly we can regain our balance if we are willing to take the time. ⁠

Most importantly, I am noticing how key it is to learn the basics so that when I am ready to pick up speed, I am fully supported and in control. The horse and I are in a tremendous amount of trust.⁠

Every time I get back on the saddle, I can feel our relationship growing deeper, we have a more solid foundation and it reflects in our training. I take that with me off the saddle too.⁠"
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