A Thneed's A Fine Something That All People Need! - Single


Artist: The Art of Dr. Seuss

Type: Limited Edition of 2500 Arabic Numbers

Medium: Fine Art Pigment Print on Acid-Free Paper

Size: x

Adapted posthumously from the final illustration for the 1971 book, The Lorax.

Over forty years ago, Dr. Seuss presented this metaphorical question in a book he had written about a furry little creature who came to speak on behalf of the trees. Seuss saw a changing world where modern progress and rapid growth presented a formidable risk to the future of our planet. And, in typical fashion, he packaged this explosive concern inside a lovable and surreal character — The Lorax. His chubby body, quick wit, and outright concern for the Oncler’s stubborn ambition to make a Thneed that everyone needs, marked him forever as one of the first standard bearers for the environment. 

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