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Sharon Spillar is inspired by peeling paint, old architecture, her flower garden, memory, and recurring celebrations of the fragile and precious gift of life and the will to live, and the joys & sorrows this can bring. Her work shows reality in all its wonder & wisdom: discovery & mystery; grace & grit; science & math; words & places; peace & discord; life & death; and so forth. She is inspired by views and reactions to places and spaces, both imaginary and from actual experience; such as a body of water, a wild storm, or a vivid dream. Her images are mapped with marks, lines and color, both expressive and linear. Each piece has a unique history of inspiration and combination of found objects, gifted and carefully collected by the artist over time.

Spillar exhibits her work in galleries and art festivals throughout the United States, and has been acquired for public and private collections around the world. See Sharon on Todd Talks here.