Rick Steinburg

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Rick Steinburg relies on his artist’s intuition to create artworks that combine a love of found objects and materials with a loose, spontaneous painting style. His compositions are informed by seeing the many possibilities of objects and materials, combined with his response to a subconscious stream of ideas and subjects. This response plays out in a rather physical rendering of shapes, lines, color, into compositions that may or may not be dominated by representational objects.

Steinburg has been largely influenced by his father, C. Louis Steinburg (1930-2014), an abstract expressionist painter and professor at Illinois State University. Having worked as an elementary fine arts teacher for 32 years, he also draws a large amount of inspiration from the art of young children. Other influences include primitive art, folk art, expressionism and other early 20th century European painters, pop art, music, and everyday imagery from Texas and American culture.

Rick Steinburg is also known as a Blues musician, Stone House, a performing singer/songwriter in Austin, Texas from 1995 to the present. He has recorded six CDs with his original songs. Many weekends he can be found in downtown Austin performing live.