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Niki has been painting full time from her studio in Dallas, Texas for nearly 20 years. Classically trained in all 2D media, Niki takes the traditional lessons she learned from the Old Masters and Impressionist techniques and incorporates a contemporary flare to bring a unique, modern feel to her creations. With both oils and acrylics, she builds up layers to establish luminosity and textural depth in her expressionistic paintings. She focuses on showing landscapes in a new and unconventional way that shows a twist on reality with nature abstracted.

Upon graduating Gulley entered the world of advertising, working as art director for a Dallas magazine. After a few years passed by, Niki felt like something was missing. So she started painting again during nights, weekends and any time she could find a free moment. This satisfied the void and she began to feel fulfilled again. Ten years later she segued from advertising to live her life’s dream of being a full-time artist and has continued to paint full time for the past fifteen years.