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After taking a keen interest in art at an early age, John began adult painting classes at age 11 in Lake City, Florida. After four years of training and many commissions later, John began work as a sign painter, including interstate billboards, which would lead him to a career in art. At 16, John moved to the Oregon Coast and started work in watercolors, poster art, and super-graphic murals. With the exception of high school art classes, he received no more formal training.

In 1981 John moved to Barcelona and began to sell watercolors of street scenes. When funds were low he created landscapes and portraits from found paper, usually litter. In the years following, John worked as the Art Director of the leading art and culture magazine in Spain, Diagonal, founded an art studio with fellow artist Chi-Perro (Chic Dog), produced a weekly public access show called “A-R-T” and worked as a full time professional journalist. By the time John had returned to the United States, he had perfected his craft.

Fast forward to 2015, John’s sculptures, watercolors, collages, drawings, and installations could be found in city parks, fine art museums, and many galleries across the globe. Morse’s current studio, Star Dog Studio, is based in Atlanta and Palm Springs. Private collectors include Kate Levin, the New York Commissioner of Cultural Affairs, and Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love.