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Born in France in 1969, Isabelle Dupuy spent her childhood in the country side of Provence in Southern France. She developed her artistic skills at Les Beaux Arts School in Valence as a teenager and young adult. As she continued to study, her relationship with art quickly became a passion.

As Isabelle developed her own aesthetic, she took inspiration from her favorite artist, the 19th Century French Impressionist, Claude Monet. Her paintings are often inspired by the French countryside. Through her art, she transports the viewer to open spaces, much like the home she grew up in. She enjoys capturing on canvas the vivid colors and light of the Mediterranean.

Isabelle is currently interested in putting a contemporary spin to the Impressionist style, and is also interested in dynamic uses of color and texture. She prefers to keep her artwork free of a traditional frame, and instead paints the sides of the canvas so her landscapes can exist beyond conventional borders.

Isabelle goes home to Provence frequently to touch base with her inspiration, and to spend time with her family. She currently resides in Houston, Texas.