<h3>Art For Zoom Calls</h3>

We’ve officially passed the one year mark since the coronavirus pandemic began, and for many that means one year of working from home. Gone are the days of daily commutes, ergonomic standing desks, and break room chatter (who knew you could miss Kathy from accounting that much?!). The extra time at home and never ending zoom calls have prompted folks to take a good, hard look at our living spaces. Specifically, those empty walls that fill the background of our video calls.
If you’re hoping to add a little oomph to your home office, check out the tips we compiled below:
  • Go Big - Sometimes size really does matter. Opting for a larger piece of art will be sure to pack a punch for folks on the other side of the Zoom call. With a smaller piece you run the risk of the image losing all clarity via video, while pieces on a larger scale will have a greater visual impact.
  • Spark Some Conversation - In the wise words of Bonnie Rait, let’s give ‘em something to talk about. Make sure that whatever you hang up is something you’re happy to chat about because Lord knows we’re all begging for something to talk about during those awkward Zoom lulls.
  • Frame it up - Don’t let framing go by the wayside while your artwork lays lifelessly on the floor (y’all, this is why we can’t have nice things). While Google and Pinterest have made us all DIY experts, this is one area where we suggest leaving it to the professionals. Improper framing can cause damage via acid erosion and UV light, to name a few. Lucky for you, Ao5’s framing director is one of two people in the city of Austin with professional framing certification so you know that you (and your art) are in good hands. 
Whether you’re officially a WFH connoisseur or you’ve re-entered the outside world, we think everyone deserves a little something special for their walls.